Authentic Relationship

Couples Coaching by Leni and Joseph Dier

Your needs matter

  • Don’t skip over them! When you don’t express your needs you become resigned, resentful, and disconnected. We help slow you down to be able to hear you and your partner’s needs and feelings to create connection.


  • We are committed to your safety and to have the coaching space feel safe. We also help teach you how to hold greater safety for yourself and your partner. Safety is the bedrock of free expression of feelings, desires, and vulnerable truth. It also is a precursor to greater joy and growth together.

Authenticity, Honesty, and Truth

  • These are the keys to intimacy and connection. Often we are afraid to tell the truth or show what is underneath. Communication is happening all the time through speaking, not speaking, pushing away, withholding, etc.


  • Commitment is a foundational piece of deeper relationship, no matter what the form is. With commitment we can weather the storms, see beyond the immediate difficulty, and create a deep, loving relationship. We are all committed to something, just look at the results of life.

“I don’t know what we would have done without you.”


Joseph Dier

Joseph is a transformational coach who specializes in relationships. He helps transform difficult wounds and life-long patterns through gentle touch and strong, clear sight. In his personal practice he coaches men and women who are ready to change, leads workshops, writes, and creates safe spaces for growth. Together with his wife, Leni, they coach couples bringing together their combined experience alongside a grounded approach that values trust, honesty, and connection.

Leni Dier

Leni is a relationship and intimacy coach who is passionate about the truth. Her gentle attention penetrates to the heart of the issues and her fiery nature holds a torch for authentic communication, speaking vulnerably and revealing emotions. She guides people through the maze of relating, creating possibilities for sustainable relationship.